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We Dutchies know a thing or two about K-a-a-S

No.. Not the famous true Dutch cheese a.k.a. kaas. At Chainable K-a-a-S stands for taking full responsibility for every kitchen we produce. We provide all service and maintenance to your kitchens so that you and your tenants are always assured of a perfectly functioning kitchen. 

K-a-a-S types

Kitchen-as-a-Service enables us to fully keep a grip on all materials used in our kitchen. Our materialpasport ensures that all materials are monitored and serviced correctly. A KaaS contract has a term of 15 or 20 years and is available in different types.

There is a difference in which elements of the kitchen are rented or offered by means of a buy-buy-back agreement. The kitchen and/or the appliances are bought back by Chainable at the end of their useful life.

In all cases, all service and maintenance is provided by us and together we are assured that all kitchen materials remain in our circular supply chain loop.

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The benefits of K-a-a-S

We select sustainable materials with a long lifespan. Thanks to the clear agreements regarding refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling, you are always assured of a residual value.

To guarantee the lifespan of the materials and components used, we coordinate all service and maintenance of our kitchens with Kitchen-as-a-Service. Ensuring that you and your tenants can fully enjoy well-functioning Chainable kitchens without any worries.

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A total Cost of Ownership

Circularity is valuable. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of our kitchens is lower than that of a linear kitchen, due to less material input and a longer lifespan. Only the shell of our kitchen is replaced during a refurbishment moment in year 15 or 20 and our kitchens require less maintenance.

A Chainable kitchen no longer requires tiling thanks to our reinforced glass backsplashes with integrated sockets.

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KItchen-as-a-Service TCO

Completely carefree with K-a-a-S

Thanks to Kitchen-as-a-Service, or K-a-a-S, you get a grip on the material and energy consumption of your kitchens. With Chainable you know exactly how much your kitchens will cost during the entire lifespan, no more surprises. Together we ensure that all materials and components are reused or remanufactured.

This is how we work together towards a world without waste.

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